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Welcome to Italy Project

BENVENUTI IN ITALIA - Another look on Italy’s welcome to migrants


The Film
Five shorts written, shot and directed by immigrant young  people in Italy. A mosaic of  micro-stories which have in common an inside approach to the migrant condition as well as a composite portrait of Italy and its system of welcome reflected in the eyes of those who arrive. Benvenuti in Italia/Welcome to Italy is a documentary film in five episodes, shot by ten migrant hands, produced by the Archive of Migrant Memories with the support of the Open Society Foundations, Fondazione lettera 27, and with the crafted editing  of Aline Hervé and Lizi Gelber.


The filmmakers
The authors of the film - all from  very different worlds and experiences – were not chosen for  their experience in the audiovisual field. Many of them had never held a videocamera before. After a short training period in Rome, it was decided to set the stories  in the various contexts of the migrants’ arrival.
Aluk Amiri, an Afghan refugee who arrived in Italy at fifteen, tells the story of the eighteenth birthday of his alter-ego, Nasir, in an unaccompanied minors’ home in Venice.
Zakaria Mohamed Ali, who was forced to leave Mogadishu after the assassination of his teacher of journalism, gives his voice to the dreams of glory of Dadir, a well-known football champion in his country who must now  travel from Milan to Rome without a  railway ticket to play with the ‘Somali national team of Rome’.
Hevi Dilara, a Kurdish refugee woman and cultural activist, provides the portrait of a young refugee couple  who have been living for one month in a refugee receiving center in Herculaneum, near Naples.
Hamed Dera, from Burkina Faso, films the activity and guests of the pension “chez Margherita”, a reference point for The Burkina Faso community in Naples before its imminent closing.
The Ethiopian film-maker Dagmawi Yimer, who landed on Lampedusa in 2006, follows the Senegalese cultural mediator and actor Mohamed Ba while he re-evokes the day when someone decided to knife him at a bus stop in Milan.